• Premium Account 7 Days

    Smoke Bomb +5

    50000 Credit

    50000 Point

  • Premium Account 7 Days

    Smoke Bomb +10

    100000 Credit

    100000 Point

  • Smoke Bomb +20

    150000 Credit

    150000 Point

    Honor Medal +100

  • Smoke Bomb +30

    200000 Credit

    200000 Point

    Honor Medal +500

  • Smoke Bomb +50

    250000 Credit

    250000 Point

    Honor Medal +1000

    Ship Random Draw

Player redeem gift pack agreement:

1、Lv.125 pack have 3 lucky draw chance,when you drew the ship you satisfied with,Pleae press“Confirm Redeem”,otherwise press“Again”and the previous draw record will be gone. At the third time you will get the third ship no matter what it is!
2、Gift will be delivered to account by system.
3、Reward update time is 6 am(Server Time) every day. If you fulfilled all the criteria in the afternoon, you still have to wait till the next morning 6 am to redeem to reward. All rights reserved by KupaiSky and Naiadgames.

1、What's the requirement for joining this event?

answer:All players that never redeemed Old player gift pack before are able to redeem this pack.

2、When will real prize be delivered,everyone can redeem?

answer:All players achieved level 125 can redeem without time limitation.

3、I am eligible for joining the event but already passed that level,am I still able to redeem?

answer:Yes you can, once you meet the requirements. There are no time limitation.

4、I am banned, can I still redeem?

answer:Sorry we only deliver prize to players obey rules

5、I already redeemed, where are the gifts?

answer:System will deliver prize to your account automatically,please pay attention to the ITEM list ingame.