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Author: K3NJI

[Discuss] Veteran vs. Newbie Time

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Post time 2021-4-27 21:43 | Show all posts
generals4 replied at 2021-4-27 17:44
I wish I was, but I am not.
What is kind of weird is that you seem to have a lot of problems with  ...

Because you shouldn't force people to play how you want to play... If they want to farm let them farm, get good or die, its really simple, do you progress through strife and struggle or do you progress from laziness and complacency.

P.S. I don't claim to be good at this game by pointing out others lack of skill, it just comes from personal experiences that I can tell by your whingeing that you have none and its not the better players faults that you don't and they shouldn't have to dumb down their playing abilities in any ship so you can get some petty damage.

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Post time 2021-4-28 00:42 | Show all posts
Edited by generals4 at 2021-4-28 01:04
AndrusN replied at 2021-4-27 21:43
Because you shouldn't force people to play how you want to play... If they want to farm let them f ...

You continuously resort to ad hominems due to your lack of ability to form a coherent argument, that's sad.
You can call people noobs all you want but that doesn't make you look any better/smarter, sad that you think it does. In life you'll learn that demeaning people and being arrogant won't serve you

Anyway you talk about people forcing people to play a certain way... Funny but you defend people being forced to be farmed. Early on I defended the Idea to limit GB 1 to a certain level while Having GB 2 for all levels (or just add a "newbie"/"veteran" option for GB 1). Everyone gets to play like they want. You are the one forcing lvl 60-90'ish to be farmed. That's just laziness and complacency in favor of "farmers". Let those T6-7 work for their damage and becoming sufficiently skilled to "farm" their damage from their peers.

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Post time 2021-4-28 01:01 | Show all posts
AndrusN replied at 2021-4-27 07:08
You're very wrong my guy....

He's not wrong at all. If the BB1 was able to land every shell (which it won't, ever) it would still take 3-5 volleys to even be close to killing the BB6, much less a BB7. Either one, the 6 or the 7 can shoot poorly and land only a couple or 3 shells per salvo and that BB1 is gone in a few volleys (a long ass time before it even imagines itself being in range to return fire).

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