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Author: teamfm03

[Update] Patch on 2021-02-17

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Post time 2021-2-17 16:23 | Show all posts
10 + 3 + 3 = 15 ? really ? do you maybe mean 16 ?
or did we have to choose which class we take less ?

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Post time 2021-2-17 17:36 | Show all posts
happy birthday!


hey, teamNF!

the possibility to play with bigger numbers of fleetmates is the core concept of this game!

if reduced to 15 per side, its a better joke...
even the smallest fleets have more people online in an harbor assault nowadays!
half+x sitting outside and wait...boring...

maybe reduce in the "normal HA rooms", but never in harbor tile

change that back or game is dead!

other aspect:
friend vinnson set the HA times for most harbors overlapping with reason "that no stronger fleet in their timezone is able to control 2 harbors"
with this change near ALL fleets have enough players to fight in 2 overlapping harbors...
you realize what you have done? do you? really?

* ammo bug still not fixed
* crashes in HA still not fixed
* no matter on offmap APA
* no matter on fleets breaking rules week for week
* no matter change harbor times : taranto and guangzou (never realized no one "really interested" in this?)
* stop HA time overlapping shit
* new harbor chinese nation, we had some hopes it will be a really "international" HA, with a time setting playble for all timezones (sunday early afternoon 2-3 pm area european time, =morning in america = evening in asia p.e. then ALL could play if interested)

but this change now...

sorry, cant understand.


maybe ALL fleetleaders/officers post their opinion here ?
come on, lets go!


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Post time 2021-2-17 18:24 | Show all posts
Not focused to the differents bugs and cheats, not focused to re-introduce mods on game, you are trying to kill the game?.

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Post time 2021-2-17 18:33 | Show all posts
Please reconsider this change.

We as a community want to have fun in harbours rooms playing against lots of people as we did.

There are players that only plays navyfield on weekends  in HAs/Hds  because that is the only motivation they have. Now with 15 vs 15 rooms battlles will turn into boring ones with less people playing  that means less fun.


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Post time 2021-2-17 19:02 | Show all posts
There are more important issues to solve before changing something you know will cause problems.
Bugs and traps, they are. Insults and slights are.
And even if you report them, they often go unpunished.

Another topic to touch would be the events. I was talking yesterday with a player who has, between Elite and SuperElite, +100 lvl 1 sailors. And although he could use them to make crews from other lines, he will not use them.
I'm over +50 myself.
8SS6, 7BB6 + 1 BB4, 4CV6.
After 14 years in the game, I'm not going to remake crews that I already have at 125.
Repurchase or trade these sailors for expert packs, smokes, or mines.
Open the trade area to sell or trade with beginning players.
What's the use of having +50 HQ Expansion?
Do you want to modify HA / HD? Give the opportunity to invest more in the port with AA Coast or Guardcoast or rental ships.
Do you want to put 15/3/3? Eliminate the HH in BB and CV. Let the sonarman only serve SS. Do /22/5/3/5 with DD / APA to throw smokes.
Eliminate the bulgue of escorts in GB.
With the things to do and they intend to kill the game even more?

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Post time 2021-2-17 19:39 | Show all posts
Interesting patch, imho.

But before making such significant changes in a game with such a small online, it might be worth asking the opinion of the players. Maybe not all, but at least the leaders of the fleets.

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Post time 2021-2-17 19:54 | Show all posts
Please let the harbor tile untouched. 2 hours of party then only 15 people by side could reach the last tile? No fun at all, no thanks...
Also we don't really need another GB mode scheduled saturday/sunday and especially not in the harbor.

It's already a pain with those deconnections, ammo stuff and the time to relog, i personally prefer this instead of an harbor tile modified.

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Post time 2021-2-17 20:29 | Show all posts
why do we even care to reply this forum. TNF simply don't enter to this forum. either  the game.

10 + 3 +3 = 15?????  GENIOUS

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