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Author: teamfm03

[Update] Patch on 2021-02-17

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Edited by blakputik at 2021-2-19 00:44

Totally agree on catweazle_eu points!

This 5TUP!D FVCKN P^TCH  will kill the game.  

Also With this new set-up, No smaller fleet have a chance on getting into  Harbor Tile.
One of of the key aspect of HA is to outsmart the defending fleet on where the main force will be attacking.
With this  10-3-3 set-up  TACTICS  is useless it will only come down into numbers.

Who ever came-up, suggested this patch seems to never understand the essence of this game (especially HA).


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First of all, hello everyone;

I don't think there is much to say about the new patch this is literally nonsense. 10/3/3 What are you trying to do to kill the game completely? Let's just consider about HT room, as the 10/3/3 setup is not HA this will officially be a fleet battle or a tournament. Let's give an example of a fleet with 40-50 active players. Like your 10/3/3 setup What do you expect to be done in the HT room? Will 15-16 players play, other 30+ players just wait or watching in livestream channel? We expect you to respect major fleets. By doing this, you guys don't want to give any chance to play HT average class players. Because everyone will choose to play with the best 10/3/3 players and this will be unfair to other fleet players. As the BAMF fleet we expect you guys to return quickly from this mistake you made. If you are very willing to change things, you can start changing from the overlap of 2 HA Decrease by 1 hour or advance +1 hour this can't be too hard, right? and the last statement don't forget this is a multiplayer and strategy game, there are highly skilled and average players in every fleet and everyone deserves to play.



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Sux change.... Very sux... May be we stop to play this game.😠😠😠

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Why are changing things and increasing things like the bugs in the CV8 of CN, HQ Arrow, Mun bug, APA bug, Sailor/ Ship Count and so on. What would be better would be to improve the HA/HV times. Perhaps half an hour longer the time of attack on the ports. Or finally give out the remaining ships of CN and so on. You ask what support we would like to have. Then we used the other channel as desired. But they don't ask about the really important things! Stop them don't matter then as well as what they mean!

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I think it's a bad idea, I'm a member of a large rabbit fleet where there are 60+ players in each harbor,is unfair for players 10 bb 3 cv 3 ss and rest wach.I think that's how you will ruin the game, many will give up playing,would be better to fix the bugs in ha than to reduce the number of players,try to change the harbor time so that there are no more 2 at the same time.

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How is this even remotely fair? 15 v 15 is not even a strategy to the game mode anymore.

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I'm honestly gonna agree with 99% of the daily active players, and HA active fleets! This is total Bu@#shi!... WHAT ARE U THINKING>>? Damn your dumb and killing this game since 10 years ago. TNF or WTFE it is running this bad nursing home needs some better insight of running a online game with dedicated old and new active players. You another step closer to losing our old and new coming players, Maybe its the play i dont know but its disrespectful to us veterans.:@:@:@:@:@:@:@:@:@:@:@:funk::funk::funk::funk::funk::funk::funk::funk::funk:

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Please change it back to old harbour rules.

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