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Author: d3adly_v1p3r_


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aborz replied at 2021-4-28 06:32
You talk so touchingly that it seems that to everyone who has BB6 in stock they fell from the sky  ...

The game has indeed existed for a very long time. And that is what allows me to think back of the old days, back when even BB5's weren't common. Back than the experience as a low tier BB was totally different and actually enjoyable.
But based on your comment it seems that we won't ever be able to agree as we have two fundamental different views on the leveling process. You seem to view leveling through low tier BB's as a chore to grind through in order to reach the holy grail that is BB6. I actually think that leveling through low tier BB's shouldn't be a chore but fun. And right now that isn't the case anymore. As a low tier BB you are useless cannon fodder. At best you can be semi-useful AA support (depending on the BB line).
You also like to talk about skills but unfortunately you don't learn jack shit being cannon fodder. You don't learn how to use your ships' strengths and compensate for your weaknesses because against ships that have a much (much) better range, DPS, OH time and HP all you have are weaknesses. At best some low tier BB's may have better speed, but usually not enough to compensate for all the severe weaknesses vs T6-7 (and to a certain extent even T5). All you learn is to be a passive player waiting for your team to create the opportunity during which you can hope doing something, and even than it won't be much. You learned a lot more before when you played against similar tiers because than you have to play like T6-7 play against each other.
And it's kind of ironic you manage to combine both the idea that low level farming is good as it forces players to improve and the suggestion to use PCA's, CV's or exp boosts. All those three will reduce the amount of skills you will learn by the time you reach BB5/6.

But anyway, I fear the game will never again be able to offer a truly fun experience for lower tier BB's if only due to the ludicrously high exp you earn combined with the low amount of new players joining. It has become a T5-7 only game...

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aborz replied at 2021-4-28 06:32
You talk so touchingly that it seems that to everyone who has BB6 in stock they fell from the sky  ...

Ahaha.. thats cute that you think I had trouble getting my BB6 , cute but no.. I really didn't - yes my first bb6 took me 2 years to obtain (on this server, on EU though it only took roughly me 6 months) but thats due to the fact I have always been on and off of this game like a plague because thats how this game gets at times, I come and go from time to time but as of the last few months I've decided to stay and continue playing with my fleetmates because they are the only reason I still enjoy this game.

As you said, there are many ways to level up and get to a bb/cv6 and there are most definantly Event ships you can buy with medals or cash, however you're still so blind and have yet to comment  on the what this topic is about and thats the fact that there are too many users during veteran period Spamming 6+ 6,5 7 ships which as we've already established only 4SD ships are normally allowed to join but then there are no restrictions on 6.5's or 7's.. If you didn't have this massive grudge and chip on your shoulder agains't "Imperium" Aborz I'm sure you'd come to realise like so many others before you that the game is literally unplayable during the vet period due to people Spamming Charles and 6.5/7's all day to try and win this silly firepower event currently on... But alas  you still wont admit that even when the majority of the community agrees and dislike the amount of 6, 6.5 and 7users ,  you still refuse to accept that the majority of us dislike the current balance system.

If you don't like the fact we're trying to make the game more fair and more fun for the players who are becoming disencouraged and put off playing NF then thats fine, but atleast our fleet is trying to make a difference in this game unlike you and yours.

If you want to keep acting like a manchild then feel free to, but put yourself in the shoes of someone who is a returning player to the game and hasn't played in years and is probably confused with the amount of changes that have been made to this ancient game. These sorts of players are the ones who are being abused and punished by vet period with the amount of charles , 6.5's and 7's rushing his team and being the last one alive, its not about getting a hit on the biggest thing and making some exp and damage, its about how annoying and frustraiting that gets when it becomes a regular habit every single game.

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generals4 replied at 2021-4-28 23:59
The game has indeed existed for a very long time. And that is what allows me to think back of the  ...

You're wrong. I can carry out several battles on BB4 against you on BB5 / 5.5, and I will prove that it is possible to successfully fight against a more powerful enemy on ships of lower rank. This is point of the game. This is goal of improving skill: to learn how to resist a stronger and more powerful opponent. Unfortunately, your comrade does not understand this, for him goal of the game - is to get other players to play as he sees fit. Explain this to him.

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d3adly_v1p3r_ replied at 2021-4-29 00:40
Ahaha.. thats cute that you think I had trouble getting my BB6 , cute but no.. I really didn't - y ...

I lost count of how many times you prove in your own words that you are a noob.
1.With the right approach, it takes no more than 2 weeks to get BB6, if you play 4-6 hours a day. When I trained my last BB6, I reached 90 lvl in 3 days. The problem is not in the balance of ships, but in your ignorance and resulting stupidity.
2. Veteran period is a great time to hone your skills against a stronger opponent. The prevalence of BB6 and even BB7 in GB does not bother me. When it becomes difficult for me, I take BB6 and create the balance I need myself or play bombers against BB6 / 7. I do not require other players to change their behavior, this is stupid and unconstructive, I make my own game and force opponents to adapt to new conditions. This is the most harmonious and fair way to automatically balance power not only in the game, but also in life.
3. I have no grudge against the Imperium fleet because there is not even a reason for it. But I often read similar topics on the forum in the performance of your fleet, you always don't like something and you always cry with calls to change the game to your wishes. Either an escort interferes with you, then bombers interfere with you, now BB6 in GB interfere with you. All this looks a little strange if you look at how your fleet plays in GB in any of periods. Almost always, players of the Imperium play on BB5 in the north against statistically weak opponents and almost never play in the south, where strongest players on BB5 / 5.5 almost always go. Every day in GB you try to fight on BB5 against BB3-4 in the north and at the same time create tearful discussions on the forum that it is difficult for you to play against BB6 in GB. This is a clear example of double standards and hypocrisy. Only this confuses me in your behavior.
4. You are not trying to make the game more fun and fair, you are just trying to change the rules to suit your preferences, pulling the blanket over yourself. If your idea of the fun and fairness of the game is based on the balance ships that existed on EU server, then you are far from ideal. EU server balance is perhaps worst balance that has ever existed on all NF servers of the world.
I say over and over again: if you want to play this game, then only way to develop is to improve your personal skills. There is no other way. Crying on the forum will not bring you anything other than a winrate in GB of less than 50%.

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as if anyone cares who's better than who... he just made a suggestion. guys.... don't get your panties in a knot. it's a game. get over yourselves.
aborz. i don't think you're a bad player, and you may or may not be better than i, probably because i'm always drinking when playing... however, you are most definitely far from the best. i don't even know who you are, nor do i care...
the best flamers are the guys who think they are top players.. but they're just alright to good.
it's just a game. so i say to all of you, take your panties out of your buttcracks... because nobody cares.

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Edited by AC16051 at 2021-5-1 08:22

correction....bb6 ebb6 bb6.5 cv6 cv6.5 r considered SD 2 bb6+2 bb6.5 r the limit...only unbalance is bb7s n cv7&8 in gb coz these r not classed as SD yea u can get max 2 bb6/ebb6/bb6.5s each side but u can also have extra bb7 or more in a room wth 4 SD ships (bb6 ebb6 bb6.5) its a bonus EXP having 6.5s n 7 in room...n most of the time 7 r bunch of wussys play in GB...easy kill

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sport0182 replied at 2021-5-1 07:59
as if anyone cares who's better than who... he just made a suggestion. guys.... don't get your panti ...

Compared to your noob d3adly_v1p3r_ I'm just a superman , although my winrate is only 57%, I'm far from the best. But I know guys who have a winrate of 65-70% and they never cry that it is difficult for them to play in BB5 against BB6. Man on BB6 will have to try very hard to sunk these guys. Tell this story to your comrade, this is the right example to follow.

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Hey Guys. No need to fight each other if you ask me.
Please keep in mind that BB6 were never made for GBs. They are endgame content made for HA/HD.
Unfortunately SDE and the new owners allways failed to support existing game modes, or to implement events were players were forced to act like teamplayers. Since a long time now, everything is just about XP, XP und XP.
Players are getting the BB6 and above ships in a ridicolous short time and are bored then.
The lack of dedication for this game showed by its owners is and always will be the biggest mystery for me.

Btw: nice to read some old names here. Greetings to everyone of you.

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