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[Discuss] IJN BB's with CV deck should have to use their guns

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It is getting really old, when we have 3+ bbs on one side that are leaching XP, by using these IJN BB's with carrier decks. When they most of the time might have 1 gun and never fire it. If they want to play just as a CV, then play a CV. If you want to play a bb with bombers or fighters fine, but when you are hiding farther in the back than the actual CV's and never fire your guns even when you have a dd,cl, or ca run up on you. You are waisting a BB slot and hurting your team.
This is hurting the game balance when the ships are intended as bb's and used like a cv.

Please GM's address this.

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I don't think so.
lv73 IJN BB is a BB3. Players using other nations' BB3 in their growing is no more effective than this one, they may even get too much lower attack and almost nothing to contribute to the team.
But ISE(1943), is really a good weapon for newbies or veterans. No matter how many DB they take, it still can help the team. DB is a stable way of firepower output, and sometime delivers a deadly strike to an enemy ship.
There are still more advantages of this ship to the team, others may leave comments.

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 Author| Post time 2021-5-5 14:53 | Show all posts
Did you even read what I said?

I said the leechers that are allowed to not fire their main guns or go into battle without the ability to fire the main guns is a problem and that needs to be adressed.

I dont have a perfect solution that does not include either a change to the way you can leave the dock with your ship i.e. if you dont have reasonable guns and have the ability to fire them, gunners equiped, ammo loaded. Or the GM's could put out a statement that says they are against playing the game like this and can issue warnings and repeat offenders receive some form of action against them.

I had an ise back in the day, I used it when I was in the ship I put fps on it and provided my own fp cover, but I played it like a bb not a cv leaching in the back. If you want to play a cv play a cv if your in a bb at least be able to fire your main guns. I have had a few battles where the last 2 ships on my team were ise's they had the advantage and could have killed the last ship or 2 if they even had main guns equiped(not just the 1 CA gun) they never fired and proceded to get deleted by a weaker force.

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Same Problem with AA only BB´s. I see Yamato or Sup Yamato standing and only Flakking. And not one shoot from Main guns. Useless

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Please Burf ISE(1943)  
Gun ammo.16inch 1bind is not enough  -> L type 1 bind, N type, 3 bind, D type 5 Bind
DP 14400 is weaker than DD-> 19000 as avreage other BB2

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BB CV hybrids are OP, and I also agree they should count as CV not as BB

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 Author| Post time 2021-5-22 17:23 | Show all posts
I think they are underwhelming the way they are balanced I also think that at least the US should have them as well since the US planned on remodeling not only the Iowa class, but even considered building the Montana class with a CV deck before the hulls were even started.
All that said the cv deck BB's should be limited or enforced in some way so that the leachers dont ruin the balance.

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