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Author: teamfm03

[Event] 2021 Summer Fiesta

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cepreu replied at 2021-7-12 23:58
Wow, the greediness is insane!

That's the way capitalism works. Greed and selflishness.

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Edited by Schoko at 2021-7-14 22:24
d3adly_v1p3r_ replied at 2021-7-1 23:48
the amount of Experts per week isn't worth the grind as we have to burn experts for the event every  ...

Wrong... maybe you should go to school again! Before you criticize something, you should provide clear facts and not make wild claims!

Burned experts per week: 500
Total experts burned (1-5): 2500
Experts taken per week (1-4): 3400
Taken experts in week 5: 1200
Total experts taken (1-5): 14800
Final result: 12300 ... So the burned experts correspond to about 17% of the taken experts which is absolutely okay in my opinion.
If you now also subtract the 200 experts you burn on the two days of the weekend (because you would convert on those days due to the conversion bonus), then you even will get 13300 experts (this would be even only about 10%.)

This event making a lot more sense than the ones with 100 times HQ expansions etc. You get a little over $20 a week (experts per column included) for a very small/low effort that I think everyone should be able to manage. Now if it is announced what you get for the coupons, I think the event is totally fine, especially for the people who hardly put any money into the game and want to boost their crews a bit. Why do there always have to be people who are dissatisfied with just about every event?! Do you want to get the BB/CV 6.5/7 just for free? These have been given away plenty in the past anyway. In my opinion it would be enough to set up an event once a year where you can win a BB/CV 6.5/7. However, this must also be designed accordingly difficult.

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so anyone already getting the 4th week bingo?

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Schoko replied at 2021-7-14 22:21
Wrong... maybe you should go to school again! Before you criticize something, you should provide c ...

yes I admit I was wrong to judge the event early and criticize it when I didn't have full facts - but the event still isn't clearly described and you can't see how many experts you get until you've actually completed a row, so again a miscommunication / vague description from TNF.

To be honest yes this is probably a better event than most we've had in recent years, I would assume that the reason most people get annoyed with most of these events is because they assume it's P2W and that there is nothing interesting to do during it because it's usually just play GB1 do damage (*cough* firepower event), and TNF barely interact with us ingame, I prefer events which get the entire community playing together and celebrating the game and time of year (i.e chirstmas, 4th july which would of made more sense for this event but no, apparently summer fiesta?" you get the idea..? So in short the answer to your question is because people dont understand what the event is about and/or assume its p2w and get the wrong idea..

And as to your opinon on the setting up a once a year event to win a bb/cv 6.5/7 I agree with you on terms of it being designed according to difficulty and requiring effort - the problem i have with this one though is we still don't know what the mystery prize is at the end of 5 perfect bingos and thats whats concerning not only me but also many others.. thats why there needs to be better information and more clarification

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4 tiles discovered with 1100RMB.  648-233-233

----- -  --4--  ------
--1--   --1--  --2--
-----   --3--  ------

I think more ppl will play puzzle if 900RMB was 1 full puzzle.
But well this is the hungry chinesse capitalism


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Waste of time doing your events, Website doesn't work, Ticket system marginally works (temperamental) and when you do get a working ticket system, ZETA ignores you for as long as he possibly can then gives an invalid explanation. He's not very useful and hasn't really ever resolved a problem or issue I have had properly in the 3 years we've been on this server. I am 100% thoroughly sick of this pathetic service. Why cant you actually try? Is reading and responding to emails sooooooo difficult? I doubt it.

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Still waiting on my prize although I completed my Bingo card. When will this happen? After I buy the ship - like when it took months to return my lost sailors for more than 5 bb6's - rendering them useless and eventually had levelled replacements up myself after waiting months, then to be contacted with no compensation . Honestly that was within the first couple months of server re starting and its been non stop since. Complete muppet operation.

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