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You don t explain clearly with the puzzle. Yes 100RMB is 1 piece of puzzle RANDOM. You don t explain the gift for each puzzle or bingo coupon.

Is casuality?. before Event Starts, only 2 winner into supply box in 18 days when normally was dailiy or every 2 days.
Id        Country        Ship        Date
zql19710225                US BB7      
othe_2        latino (US ?)        MN CV7      
yexiang                IJN BB7      
plais        latino (Chile)        SN BB7      
paturh        latino (Chile)        IJN BB7      
plais        latino (Chile)        US BB7      
waxinxina                RN CV7      
zhouping9093                IJN BB7      
mewmartian                KM BB7      
ntuukpi                US BB7      
mahobia         latino (Arg)        SN BB7        15/05/2021
yuanhoni                MN CV7        17/05/2021
iowabb61eu        Spain        IJN BB7        19/05/2021
paturh        latino (Chile)        RM CV7        20/05/2021
Darkdaniel00                UK CV7        22/05/2021
lovesprite                US BB6.5        24/05/2021
longsai                KM BB7        25/05/2021
wjsh2020                US CV7        27/05/2021
cij1986820                SN CV7        02/06/2021
sailor-sales        latino (Chile)        RM BB7        02/06/2021
vfgh77                IJN CV7        02/06/2021
gan1918                SN BB7        04/06/2021
ye18070308550                KM BB7        05/06/2021
susannemey                KM BB7        10/06/2021
AL_bersany        latino (Chile)        IJN BB6.5        10/06/2021
iowabb61eu        Spain        IJN CV7        12/06/2021
jimmyeac                MN BB6.5        14/06/2021
lindsay        latino (Arg?)        MN CV7      
baozhu001                SN CV7        19/06/2021
semmes                SN CV7        22/06/2021
baozhu001                MN BB7        24/06/2021
bzsd                MN BB7        24/06/2021
hk117                UK BB6.5        27/06/2021
xylzhp                SN CV7        28/06/2021
iowabb61eu        Spain        RM BB7        29/06/2021
gongyun                SN CV7        30/06/2021
baozhu001                US BB7        01/07/2021
www997133906                IJN CV7        01/07/2021
www997133906                SN BB7        01/07/2021
othellox3                RM CV7        02/07/2021
wx8888888                SN CV7        03/07/2021

Why a guy who has been banned for bug exploit (30 days) on 23th, has a new penalty 5 days ago  28th for the same reason and only 2 days?.
If the ban starts on 23 and was for 30 days, why he is playing after 5 days?. why the first one for 30 days, and 2nd one for 2 days?

waxinxina112021-06-28 20:54:312DayBug Exploit利用漏洞提前解封
zpq142021-06-28 20:28:1636135DaySecurity Reason 安全问题
stonehenge2021-06-28 20:08:392DayBug Exploit利用漏洞提前解封
liyulei2222021-06-28 19:51:482DayBug Exploit利用漏洞提前解封
yjq2582582021-06-28 19:24:562DayBug Exploit利用漏洞提前解封
lele20212021-06-28 19:22:142DayBug Exploit利用漏洞提前解封
kpwlt00172021-06-28 19:06:042DayBug Exploit利用漏洞提前解封
yurijin2021-06-23 08:39:5030Day利用漏洞, Bug exploit
yjq2582582021-06-23 08:39:2130Day利用漏洞, Bug exploit
xd662021-06-23 08:38:4830Day利用漏洞, Bug exploit
wuhuhaijun12021-06-23 08:38:1630Day利用漏洞, Bug exploit
westminster2021-06-23 08:37:4130Day利用漏洞, Bug exploit
waxinxina112021-06-23 08:37:1030Day利用漏洞, Bug exploit

Maybe people are reason, and the game is for ASIAN only, and the rest we are a complement.

Stop play with us and be clear.


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I have seen screenshots with people that have 30+ puzzle pieces but no completed puzzles. It's a money sink and a scam, don't waste your time on it. It's not going to change, no matter how many people question it.

The player that was suspended but was back playing, and got a smaller suspension even though they have a history of it, is quite concerning. Maybe an oversight? But I doubt it.

To be honest, I am not in complete disagreement that game seems to be lenient towards non EU/NA players, and it's quite sad. I think the BB/CV7 drawings is reflective of that. Lastly, they haven't been giving them away recently because more people will spend money, and that's all they care about. I would not be shocked if they turned off the giveaways while the event is running, or lowered the amount of times it's drawn.

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