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[Discuss] For a FAIR GAME (FOR GM)

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When we take a look at the new rules, we see a few new rules, but is this a deterrent? I think not because;

1) The harbor occupied by using BUG will be returned to previous fleet immediately
1A) This rule is pretty good and must be.

2) Deduction of 10,000,000 credits from fleet
2A) This has no effect or deterrent and will not. If you are determined about this, put a number like 100,000,000 instead of 10,000,000. and ban cheating fleets that can't pay it by counting 2M per day. So for 100m +50 day banned for cheater account.

3) The fleet will not be able to declare war for 1 month
3A) Another good idea, 30 days is enough.

4) Bug using member APA captain/Skytrain pilot will be dismissed and deleted
4A) Another good idea , +1

5) Bug using account will be banned for 30 days
5A) NOT ENOUGH. A minimum sentence of 2 months or more.

But before all that, i have a few things to suggest to you GM.

Even if you follow these rules you wrote, there may still be a few tricks like for "Defender HA Team" , maybe you can block APA but SS? We all know that if defending SUB player wants to waste time, he can do border humping too.
So why not make simpler decisions instead of these rules? It doesn't take months to fix the APA and Border DB/TB or SkyTrain or SS issue. All you have to do is set a time as before. If you put a timer on the border like 15 seconds (old NFNA and NFEU players will remember)
APAs who are considering cheating there can't do anything cuz if you close to the border you will kicked out of the room. You can take the same measures in Skytrain and DB/TB.
For Scouts/DB/TB/Skytrain, you need to push the auto-down limit a little further. So DBs or Skytrain are automatically will down by the game and players can't do this. (if players intentionally try this, you will have to suspend their account on certain days like 15-30days)

The area in the picture must be a restricted area. When any ship approaches this area, it should count down 15 seconds. If he still doesn't leave that area, he should be kicked out after 15 seconds. Airplanes must be automatically dropped by the game in this area too. In the picture i showed my scout with an arrow sign, only its shadow is visible, but the plane still doesn't automatically down by the game. If we can get this area under control, there won't be any border SS or border DB/TB/Skytrain issues.

We and the teams we represent here want a fair game, you can be sure of that. but if we want to achieve something penalties must be deterrent if we want players to play a FAIR GAME!

This is the joint decision of me and all the leaders who support me. I hope you will consider our recommendations and requests.

-Painlesskiss / TEAM PRO BOTS LEADER

Best regards.



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This Fair-play should also be installed in GB.
Many of us have ever encountered players who, when watching the game, press Esc, waiting 1 minute, or log out. If they log out, they directly lose the exp that they could have gained, but this is not the case in the case of executing Esc.
Others do it when you place your fighters on top of their full TB cv.
And there are those who directly throw their TB "out of bounds" when they see that they are going to be killed by your fighters causing the fighters you sent to fall as well, while controlling your other squads.

Fair Play Messrs.

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