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Author: marineq

[Discuss] An imprecise question in the x-mas event

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One of the questions is when Adolf Hitler committed suicide. But the truth is that he never committed suicide, he lived in Argentina until 1955 when Peron was overthrown, then he lived in Paraguay when finally died on February 5, 1971 and was buried in an underground crypt under a hotel in Asunción Paraguay.
Tras los pasos de Hitler  by  Abel Basti

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xiliki_a replied at 2022-1-8 21:31
When historians say that Winston Churchill, who coined the killer phrase "Poland is the hyena of Eur ...

Wow! And this is what they teach in Russian schools that Beck had a picture with Hitler hanging in his room, and Churchill said something ugly about Poles, instead of the Ribbentrop-Molotov pact and the Katyn genocide?
Putin's lying nonsense for the purposes of his politics.

When did Poland fail to keep its allied commitments? It was England and France with the Maginot Line that did not take military action on September 1, 1939 - and these actions could have thwarted Hitler's plans and helped Poland in a defensive war. This is why Stalin waited until September 17 to launch an attack on Poland to make sure that France and England would confine themselves only to passive demonstrations allied with Poland.

Additionally, you are throwing completely unfounded accusations about the allegedly prepared German-Polish invasion of Russia - present some historical facts that have sources in historical documents on this subject.

On the other hand, there was the Polish concept of a preventive war against Germany, when in 1933 Poland proposed to intervene in France.
[*Pilsudski sent emissaries to France: senator Potocki and military man Dlugoszowski;
*a decree on martial law was also being prepared;
*Western diplomacy, including Germany, produced documents proving this fact;
*Belgian, Austrian, British and US diplomacy reported on these Polish efforts;
*Ambassador Lukasiewicz in Paris in 1936 and 1937 officially referred to such a proposed preventive war in 1933]

England and France lost the chance to containment of Hitler at least three times, pursuing an unsuccessful policy of appeasement.

For the first time in 1933, France rejected the Polish proposal for a preventive war.

For the second time when Germany, in 1935, breaking international law, introduced the basic military service and air defense program without any reaction from England and France, and England in 1935 even signed a maritime agreement with Germany in violation of the Treaty of Versailles.

And the third time on March 7, 1936, when Germany remilitarized the Rhineland zone without any reaction from France and England, although the Polish government on that day made a declaration that it would keep the alliance in the event of the France-German war.

Since Winston Churchill criticized and insulted Poland, how should he evaluate his nation in the light of these facts? Moreover, Churchill also claimed that Stalin was a politician wanting peace, and was an ally of Hitler (Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact) and a criminal.

The Russians continue to live in a false, false history, because the recognition of historical facts puts Russia in a row with Nazi Germany, and by lying they whitewash their aggressive actions and crimes of genocide committed against neighboring nations-states.

You repeat again about the imaginary aggression against Czechoslovakia - because I have already explained the Zaolzie case so much that it makes no sense to repeat these facts anymore, since you have not understood so far that you are writing nonsense accusations.

It was Russia with Germany that divided Europe between them, as evidenced by the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact.
It was on the borrowed Russian training grounds that the German armies exercised, and then, after the occupation of Poland, both German and Russian armies celebrated and organized joint parades in honor of the victory, incl. in Brest.

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osn3179 replied at 2022-1-9 08:58
Funny pshek.))
I offer you a challenge: you come to Moscow, we will drink 2 liters of vodka with  ...
I only drink alcohol with friends.

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marineq replied at 2022-1-9 20:05
I only drink alcohol with friends.

Yes, and you fight only on Internet on forums, where you can only write and no trouble will happen to you. In this way, even the Martians can be blamed for occupation of the Earth and defeated. You are our valiant propaganda internet warrior, winner of fascism and exposer of communism.
The hyena always barks if there is no lion nearby. It has always been so.

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osn3179 replied at 2022-1-13 14:51
Yes, and you fight only on Internet on forums, where you can only write and no trouble will happen ...

Well, what you wrote exactly fits your Stalinist-Putin propaganda - the nonsenses and no historical facts. Haven't understood yet? Hyena is your Russia atacking Poland in 1920, which barely regained its independence in 1918 (Germany, Austria and Czechoslovakia were blocking suplies from France too in that time, Czechoslovakia also took Zaolzie), in 1939 with Germany, many, many times in history, then Afghanistan 1979 - 1989 and it is currently -  Chechnya, Georgia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan. Russia likes atacking weaker and smaller nations. How do you feel living with that facts and knowledge about your aggressive and criminal Russia now? Your lies about history have been exposed and proven so all you can do is boorish insults.

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Поляк страдающий русофобией это очень распростаненное явление. И пан Маринек видимо один из них. Он продолжает махать сабелькой несмотря на то, что все сражения в которых Польша вполне закономерна потерпела поражение, уже давно закончены.  Пан так же не понимает разницы между современной Россией и наднациональной коммунистической системой, частью которой в т.ч. являлась ПНР. Да сейчас пан будет говорить что нас оккупировали и заставили, но это мало чем отличается от рассказов проститутки радостно берущей деньги сперва с одного клиента, а потом с другого. На месте поляков вообще не стоит открывать рот, потому что на полькое дерьмо могут указать практически все страны - Чехия, Литва, Украина, Белоруссия, Россия, Англия, Франция, Германия, США, Израиль. Эта тема активно не поднимается только по соображениям деликатности.

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Кстати. Никита Сергеевич Хрущев никогда не был маршалом. А в 1937 году он вообще был всего лишь партийным функционером среднего уровня. И запомните маршал Александр Ильич Егоров! А то как вы написали его имя это полная фигня!

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xiliki_a replied at 2022-1-14 14:05
Кстати. Никита Сергеевич Хрущев никогда не был маршало ...

First of all, I have never before written about Khrushchev and Yegorov here.
Secondly, it was Poland as the only country in history that conquered Moscow and ruled Russia. She also won battle victories many times, for example at Kluszyn in 1610 and ruled Russia until 1613 (King of Poland Wladyslaw IV Waza was titularly Tsar of Russia until 1634), in the Battle of Warsaw in 1920 Poland stopped the Russian agressive march with the aspirations of conquering Europe and introducing the communist terror.
Thirdly, you are a polonophobe and you do not know history and you lies about its facts and probably you cannot read with understanding - see the point one.
Fourthly, do not worry about Poland's reputation in the world, just read to yourself - when you learn to read - what these nations write and speak about Russian nation, the Russian genocides and maltreatments of millions of people. You are even killing and oppressing your own people now, such as Nemtsov, Litvinenko, Politkovskaya, Skripal, Navalny, etc.
All these facts prove that you are still communists ruled by KGB Putin.

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