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Author: marineq

[Discuss] An imprecise question in the x-mas event

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Пан забыл что все успехи Польши обычно заканчивались её разделом. Пан также может вернуть Германии её земли которые были получены благодаря лично Сталину и СССР. А еще пан может почитать это интервью данное польским писателем. Поляком, Карл! ... o-500-tys-polyakov/

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xiliki_a replied at 2022-1-15 05:25
Пан забыл что все успехи Польши обычно заканчивались е ...

Another nonsense, half-truths and lies.
Stalin is the criminal responsible for the genocide and the borders were set by three leaders in Tehran and Yalta. Besides, if the West hadn't helped Russia, you would have lost the war with Germany, probably Japan would have joined to atack Russia from the East and they would have divided you, with whom you are still at war all the time. Does Russia have any neighbors with whom it maintains good relations? I think it could be Belarus, where Putin's colleague Lukashenka rules, who rigged the elections and terrorizes Belarusians.
After the Second World War Russia launched communist terror in half of the countries of Europe, deceiving the west and all nations, leading to an economic collapse in these countries. Additionally, after the disaster of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, you concealed this fact, risking the health and life of neighboring nations. The world has known about your aggressive and deceptive actions a long time ago, because you are still doing it. You bring shame to mankind.
As for the territories, you forgot to add that after 1945 Russia took the Eastern Borderlands (Curzon Line) from Poland, resettling thousands of Poles from these areas. And those territories that were annexed to Poland and inhabited by the Germans until 1939 returned to Poland, because they had been inhabited by Poles even earlier - such as Wroclaw, which received city rights in 1214, and the ruler of Poland Mieszko I built a castle there in 985.

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Пан все еще грезит великой Польшей от моря до моря и колониями в Африке? Эй! Позовите кто-нибудь санитаров - пациент буйный!

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osn3179 replied at 2022-1-9 08:58
Funny pshek.))
I offer you a challenge: you come to Moscow, we will drink 2 liters of vodka with  ...

Challenge accepted

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osn3179 replied at 2022-1-13 03:51
Yes, and you fight only on Internet on forums, where you can only write and no trouble will happen ...

You wrote Russia attacks weaker countries that's not different of what  did and still doing Great Britain And USA,
The first attacked Spain and take Gibraltar 1704, attacked Argentina 1806-1807 but takes their island in 1833, the second take great part of the Mexican territory 1846-1848, take Philippines and part of Cuba from Spain 1898, but failed to take Canda from Great Britain in 1812
Don't be so cynical

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marineq replied at 2022-1-14 02:20
Well, what you wrote exactly fits your Stalinist-Putin propaganda - the nonsenses and no historica ...

I understand your logic, you are a complete idiot. What can be a discussion with you about historical facts?! I don’t want to answer you in a mirror and offend adequate Poles, because there are a very small percentage of fools like you with flawed national self-esteem in Poland.Every country has ignorant personalities like you, poisoned by media propaganda. Unfortunately, Russia is no exception. But you are all just dust on the boots of history.
If your infringed national self-esteem urgently demands justice, then you always have the opportunity to meet me in GB and punish me on all your charges. However, I'm afraid you only have enough skill to drown yourself. Terry propagandists are not capable of more.

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Edited by osn3179 at 2022-1-18 07:38
Dario1971 replied at 2022-1-16 22:01
You wrote Russia attacks weaker countries that's not different of what  did and still doing Great  ...

First: why not in Spanish? You are betraying your forum traditions to communicate with people of other nationalities only in your own language.
Secondly: you from Argentina probably know better all geopolitical problems on the European continent, especially near the borders of Russia. Therefore, your opinion is very important to us, continue to keep us informed of your views.
Thirdly: you first deal with the problem of Falklands, the historical assessment of Pinochet's rule and the reasons for harboring Nazi German criminals by your country after WWII. Criminals who were involved in the genocide of millions people in Russia and Poland, including Hitler, as you wrote earlier. After solving these problems, you can begin to study the thousand-year history of the Russo-Polish wars, starting from 981 AD.

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Саша, экономь бисер.

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