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Author: marineq

[Discuss] An imprecise question in the x-mas event

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osn3179 replied at 2022-1-17 20:26
First: why not in Spanish? You are betraying your forum traditions to communicate with people of o ...

quieres en español así será sobre el punto 2 conozco muy bien los problemas cerca de la frontera de Rusia ya que mis abuelos vinieron de  Kiev búscalo en el mapa si quieres de hecho la familia de mis abuelos  fueron asesinados por los nazis sobre el punto 3 las islas Malvinas ese es el verdadero nombre los el que le dieron los ingleses pertenecieron primero a España desde la fundación del Virreinato del Rio de la Plata hasta la revolución en 1810 y desde entonces a las Provincias Unidas del Rio de la Plata hasta que finalmente se llamó Republica Argentina las islas fueron usurpadas en 1833 por los ingleses que siempre fueron y serán amigo de lo ajeno, respecto a albergar criminales de guerra nazi es sabido que en el Ejercito Argentino siempre hubo dos facciones una pro norteamericana y otra pro germana y la que dominó la republica durante la segunda guerra mundial fue la pro germana. Pero esa no fue la única razón para no declararle la guerra al eje ya que se les vendía carne y trigo a ambos bandos cosa que resulto en un buen negocio al menos Argentina no tomo partido por ninguno de los dos bandos hasta que fue obligada por los estados unido país que decía ser neutral hasta el  7 de  diciembre de  1941 pero secretamente le proveía pertrechos a los ingleses

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osn3179 replied at 2022-1-17 20:26
First: why not in Spanish? You are betraying your forum traditions to communicate with people of o ...

1 I didnt wrote in spanish  because never faill the idiot that claim that we should write in english 2 my family comes from  Kiev search  it in the map  3 the Malvinas island thats the real name  were part of spain first and after the independence part of Argentina unril the were usurped by the english  in 1833 by the way all the data bringed by me can be checked if you want

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osn3179 replied at 2022-1-18 07:13
I understand your logic, you are a complete idiot.  What can be a discussion with you about hist ...

What a trash gibberish!
Besides, evidently the historical facts hurt you, oh, they hurt you, hence your insulting without any substantive discussion of the historical facts that I have presented about your criminal and aggressive actions against nations, and this insulting confirms my thesis. You wrote here four times completely worthless in the discussion on that topic, thus giving yourself the opinion of an ignorant and dilettante... Go better have a drink of vodka, because it's the best action what you make and you are so prouuud of it! Btw, this only confirmes your stupidity too!

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xiliki_a replied at 2022-1-15 12:17
Пан все еще грезит великой Польшей от моря до моря и ко ...

If Poland were from the sea to the sea, these Stalinist genocides would certainly not have happened. Besides, Poland has never had a colony in Africa or on any other continent.
And the dream of normal people is peace in the world and normal, non-lying neighbors, respecting international agreements, but with you it is not possible as evidenced by your stupid writing and current information from the Ukrainian border with you.
The only aggressive people here and in Europe and Asia in general are you, because you react with lies, insinuations and insults to the historical facts I have presented, and Russia is in conflict around its borders now with other countries constantly.

The topic was established for the reason of the wrong the answer to the question at the event, which is incorrect, because Germany and Russia were ALLIES in the Second World War under the concluded RIBBENTROP-MOLOTOV PACT (HITLER-STALIN PACT) until June 22, 1941. This fact cannot be erased from history with the absurd Putin-Stalinist propaganda.

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marineq replied at 2022-1-20 01:08
What a trash gibberish!
Besides, evidently the historical facts hurt you, oh, they hurt you, henc ...

I called you an idiot - this is not an insult, but a statement of fact. Because only an idiot can come to the gaming forum and make claims to any country and nation based on their flawed and perverted understanding of history and the geo-political situation. You're not just stupid, you're specifically defective half-wit. Usually such things are done by pathetic losers who have nothing to do and enjoy in life, through such public accusations of everyone and everything they try to raise their own self-esteem and at least look a little needed in this world. I feel sorry for you, you look miserable and unhappy even without vodka.

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osn3179 replied at 2022-1-20 05:32
I called you an idiot - this is not an insult, but a statement of fact. Because only an idiot can  ...

You wrote about yourself again, nothing about the historical fact of the Ribbentrop-Molotov (Hitler-Stalin) pact in your alliance until June 22, 1941 and your Russian genocides. By insulting others, you raise your pitiful self-esteem as a drunkard without any reflection about your criminal and aggressive nation.

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Pan apparently forgot that the Polish genocide against other peoples began back in 1919. According to officially recognized data alone, at least 18,000 captured Red Army soldiers died in Polish concentration camps. Unofficial sources call the figure 5-6 times more. There were no mass shootings - they were bullied and starved. It is not necessary to think that only captured Russian Red Army soldiers were in Polish concentration camps. Concentration camps are also used to hold internees, including Russian White Guards, fighters of the Ukrainian People's Army and formations of the Belarusian ataman S. Bulak-Bulakhovich. It was precisely with this - the seizure of foreign territories, repressions against the civilian population of Lithuania, Ukraine, Belarus, war crimes against prisoners - that the history of the new Polish state began. I will not refer to foreign studies, shy Polish confessions are enough for me.   Now a little bit about what happened on the territory of Poland after the Second World War. From a report to the British Foreign Office: "The concentration camps were not liquidated, but came under the control of new owners. Most often, they were led by the Polish police. In Swietochlowicach (Upper Silesia), those prisoners who have not yet died of starvation or have not been beaten to death are forced to stand up to their necks in water night after night until they die" (Raport R.W.F. Bashford do Brytyjskiego Foreign Office z 1945). From the memoirs of a prisoner of the Zgoda concentration camp: "There was absolutely no difference between what the prisoners who were subjected to captivity and torture experienced - under the sign of the SS "death's head" or under the sign of the Polish eagle. To all who survived, sleepless nights with their never-to-be-forgotten horrors were etched into the memory..." ((Gerhard Pear. Zgoda – miejsce grozy. Gliwice.1998, pp.72,75) Estimates of the number of Germans who died after 1945 in Polish concentration camps and during deportation vary – from 400-600 thousand to more than 2.2 million. The official authorities of Germany proceed from the fact that out of 9.6 million Germans who lived in the territories inherited by Poland, about 440 thousand died. Polish concentration camps were not created by President Biden, Putin or anyone else. This was done by the Poles themselves. Therefore, Poland does not need to pretend to be a virgin.

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xiliki_a replied at 2022-1-20 22:25
Pan apparently forgot that the Polish genocide against other peoples began back in 1919. According t ...

Lies and nonsense of Stalinist-Putin propaganda.

First of all, these were not concentration camps, but POW camps for interned Russian prisoners after Russia lost the war, which agressivley attacked Poland. You are a typical ignorant who does not know the definition of a concentration camp. As for the conditions in these POW camps, I will quote one of the eyewitnesses of British politicians and diplomats Edgar Vincent D'Abernon in 1920, on whose opinions you willingly refer:

"I have taken the task to see with my own eyes the conditions in which Russian prisoners live and, from what I have seen, I can say that the treatment of prisoners of war is completely satisfactory. I have not noticed any sign of abuse of the defenseless. Poles consider prisoners rather them unhappy victims than for the hated enemies. I saw that they are healthy and well fed, and most of them seem happy to be living safe and far from the front."

The issue of the death of Soviet prisoners of war in Poland appeared in the public forum after 1990 (!), when Mikhail Gorbachev admitted that Russia was responsible for the Katyn massacre (1940). Some of the Russian media returned to the events of 1920, thus trying to justify the Katyn massacre. Opinions disseminated in Russia listing several or a dozen or so times greater number of deaths among this group of war victims (40000, 60000 or over 100000) were considered untrue by common Polish-Russian publication prepared by historians in 2004. This publication was prepared by the Directorate of State Archives and the Federal Agency for Archives of Russia, both in Polish and in Russian, entitled "Krasnoarmiejcy w polskom plenu w 1919–1922 g. Sbornik dokumentow i materialow" (Moscow 2004). It includes a set of 338 source documents from Polish and Russian archives, scientifically prepared by archivists and historians.
Mortality among prisoners was caused by the regular outbreaks of infectious diseases (typhus, dysentery, cholera, flu). Disease outbreaks appeared when the first soldiers of the Red Army comming to the camps in 1919. Russia unleashed the war by invading Poland and dragged additionally diseases and epidemics themselves to Poland.

Secondly, after 1945, it was Russia (NKVD) in Poland and in half of Europe's countries that built the Stalinist apparatus of oppression by terror, including labor camps for post-war prisoners, including Polish Home Army soldiers, and for Polish political opponents the communism introducing by Russia. You still have such camps at your place - "lagry" - where you imprison your opponents, for example Khodorkovsky and Navalny. Russian troops only left Poland on September 17, 1993, on the symbolic anniversary of the Russian aggression against Poland in 1939.

You are both typical Russian liars from aggressive Russia, responsible for the multi-millionth genocide of nations, which together with Germany unleashed World War II by being their allies until June 22, 1941 under the Ribbetrop-Molotov Pact (Hitler-Stalin).

And these emoticons of smiles and avatar of the criminal and totalitarian communist system which you attach to your lies in the topic of the victims of genocides committed by Russia clearly confirm my theses about your national characteristics.

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