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[Notice] Schedule of 1st Season Fire King of UFC(With the results)

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Edited by teamfm04 at 2022-10-1 00:07

We have 3 players eligible to join the 1st season Fire King of UFC

ID:liming   ID: hz111111    ID:flola


Players can use any nations of level 103 BB for the battles:

Schedules are as follows:

1st match : liming(TeamA) win   vs hz111111(TeamB)
2nd match : flola (TeamA) vs liming (TeamB) win  
3rd match : hz111111 (TeamA) vs flola (TeamB) win  
4th match : flola (TeamA) vs hz111111(TeamB) win  
5th match : liming(TeamA) win   vs flola (TeamB)
6th match : hz111111 (TeamA) vs liming (TeamB) win  
7th match : liming(TeamA) win   vs flola (TeamB)
8th match : hz111111 (TeamA) vs liming (TeamB) win
9th match : flola (TeamA) win vs hz111111(TeamB)

Final result and ranking is according to the scores, 1 point for the winning side, 0 point for the losing side.

If the final scores are same, 1 more match for the final ranking;

Map: Blue Ocean

Time: Starting from 29th September 2022 20:00 local server time
(29th September 2022 05:00 PST)
Battle time: 15 minutes per signal match, if player cannot sink the enemy ship in time, referee (GM/TNF) will announce STOP signal when times up, and winner will be the higher attack side.


Champion: 1000 KPcoins, one BB7 or CV7
1(st) Runner up: 800 Kpcoins, one BB6.5 or CV6.5
2(nd) Runner up: 500 Kpcoins, one NFX sailor


1. GM/TNF will create a normal battle room in Area 14, GM or TNF will stay and team A and B will be referees. BBS message will call out and players need to join the room, GM will close the room after 3 minutes.
2. Player should join the room after the BBS announcement, and select the team accordingly. Player need to press “TAB” (Ready) after select the team. If player did not press “TAB” (Ready) when GM/TNF call the “START” signal, he will lose that battle immediately.
3. Players can use all normal equipment such as guns, anti- aircrafts or torpedoes.
All premium items such as smoke bomb, PHH, Mine are restricted. Player will lose the match immediately when using any premium items.
4. If both sides are sunk at the same time, the one with higher attack wins


Players who owned any live channel and want to live broadcast the matches, please submit ticket for the request. If players are approved, they need to use FFY to join the battle room, and retreat at battle started. Reporter(s) can stay in the room after retreating and broadcast the match. Any reporter against the rules, 30 days account suspension.

Final competition points:

Liming          6 points

Hz111111     1 points

Flola            2 points

ID: Liming took the win with a record of 6 points.

Our heartfelt congratulations!


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