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Author: AlexCaboose

[Discuss] Tonight's Patch...

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anonymous  Post time 2012-8-17 11:25

Tonight's Patch...

I don't see the point in nerfing the 110 18"s. It hardly seems necessary to hurt people who actually use them any more then they already suffer
As for the new 20"s it seem accuracy took a hit rather then a buff. I used to be able to land good salvo's on even small ships and now the shells land in several miscellaneous patterns now. Damage consistency is better now but with less shells hitting it's about the same damage wise except now it looks like my gunners stole some drinks from the SN ships.
I actually took up the 18" guns now since they still have good groupings, save for the stray shell that they have always had.

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Tonight's Patch...

This patch feels that everything else that is listed in the patch gets balance, and km still gets an overall nerf, just saying!
[/QUOTE]Elliot, if you haven't bothered to read the previous 4 pages, then you are beyond my help...But for the bottom line: KM was *buffed*. Please everyone, stop questioning if it is really a buff. It is. I promise you... 
[/QUOTE]How does it get an overall buff when reload gets nerfed to the worse if not tied for worst bb5? I did read the previous 4 pages... 44 100 guns used to have best reload for bb5s, now one of the Km national traits is gone on the h44 because someones thought of balance is that it needs to have longest reload with longest range with more damage consistency. However, it still has same size, hitbox, 37 degree guns (which was suppose to be 30's), and the damage is still km damage, just same crap dmg everytime. just saying.
[/QUOTE]I was tempted to not address this, but I will.

The H44 did not have the best reload. It had above average reload, but certainly not the best. In it's current form, it still retains above average reload.  

Reload is not a KM national trait. The gunners certainly gain a fair amount of reload; but the guns themselves aren't the fastest. That specific trait belongs to RM.

The potential change to 30 degree guns was a Test Server test. It was a conceptual change and it did not play out. This was before I took over the Test Team, but I do know that the ship was found to not meet our specifications for it and the project was scrapped. Please don't translate that into it was supposed to be made 30 degrees. It wasn't.

That being said, you are entitled to your opinion on whether or not it's a nerf or a buff. But I implore you to also play the ship a bit and expiriment. 95% of the feedback I have been hearing from players is that the ship is now very enjoyable and far more powerful than it used to be.If anyone has any further questions, please contact Nyerkovic or a member of the Test Team. 

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Tonight's Patch...

Final note: As everything about what the patch has accomplished has been discussed, I am going to lock this thread at this time. Any further discussion on balance should be taken to the Test Server section of the forums.

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