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[Discuss] Veteran vs. Newbie Time

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Here a lot of persons dont like the Veteran Time. BB6 only leaching  and farming smaller Ships. So a lot of returning players runs away after 2-3 Days. By 2-3 Week nearly 80% are away.

So Customer of Fleetmission stop playing mostly after 1 week again. Unfortunaly now BB7 playable now too. So more and better leaching and farming.
So i think isnt helpful.

Unfortunely now the Veteran (Shit) Time is now 2-3 Weeks in a row. But Newbie Time was just a few days.
All Players with BB1-BB5 become farm and have a very hard live to LVLup.

Nightbattle dont make it better. Is it

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Post time 2021-4-16 19:41 | Show all posts
Edited by GUNMACHAN at 2021-4-16 19:57

Newbies are hard to level up.

Ah, I want to define a word here. "Newbie(s)" is the people who are using only between 60 to BB5 level. Yes, it differs nations.

GMs must consider not just banning highend BBs but buffing BB4- as newbie protection time, or increase grow rate of recruits. not EXP. The game is still just meant to be played by veterans even if the period is called "newbie".

I'm using Chinese BB4 with 91 level gunners for leveling up multiple 79 level Engineers and Repairers.

The cannon balls travel look like a bird shot. On the other hand, veterans have a slug shot and his ship is faster, harder(higher restoring value), quick repair, and long range fire than newbies. So the game is boring and user rating is so low.

WHAT is protection for newbie period? Nothing is changed by the change.

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Post time 2021-4-17 15:20 | Show all posts
Edited by generals4 at 2021-4-17 15:27

The problem is more structural. The main issue is probably a lack of new players in general which heavily skew the average Tier upwards. This makes it quasi impossible for T1-3/4 BB's to even compete during Newbie/Veteran period.
Than the absurdly fast leveling is actually also quite problematic. Especially since expert gain wasn't scaled to the massive exp earned on this server. This results in either being forced to spend money or having a shotgun accuracy.Add to that the addition of BB6/7 and low level BB's which didn't spend money will be left without a chance.
However there are potential solutions beyong the simplistic Newbie/Veteran periods:- Reduce Exp gain by ~33%
- Increase expert gain by 50-100%
- Make use of GB 2; Cap level for GB 1 to lvl 100-110 and make GB 2 a copy of GB 1 with either higher exp earn (+10-20%) and/or expert gain (+25-50%).
- Make the game more attractive by implementing the above, fixing bugs and improving things like sprites. New navies/ships may help keep veterans but it doesn't attract new players.

PS: also fix these forums...

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Post time 2021-4-18 22:44 | Show all posts
When are games supposed to be easy?

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Post time 2021-4-20 23:47 | Show all posts
Edited by bnbchd at 2021-4-20 23:48

I think so too. Veteran period is only for T6~7 players. They take most of fun. The rest of participants are just assistants.
But the problem is T6-7 users are limited by 6 in GB.
Because of this damn situation, Everyone want to play T6-7 ships, and It make room rotation worse.

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Post time 2021-4-23 00:13 | Show all posts
AndrusN replied at 2021-4-18 22:44
When are games supposed to be easy?

Well apparently it's supposed to be easy for T6-7...
There is a difference between "difficult" which it was back when normal rooms were a thing and people had to earn every bit of exp in either ALL welcome rooms or BB1-2, BB3-4, etc... And being forced to play against ships which can easily one shot you (or cripple you in one shot) without being able to do a damn thing about it. The power gap between T1-3 and T 6-7 is just too huge.

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Post time 2021-4-23 19:20 | Show all posts
Edited by AndrusN at 2021-4-23 19:23

Its more of a skill gap thing than game algorithm problem. Most players are too impatient to wait for their opportune moment to attack, I don't know, I just grinded a Yammy in under 3 days so...

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Post time 2021-4-23 21:24 | Show all posts
AndrusN replied at 2021-4-23 19:20
Its more of a skill gap thing than game algorithm problem. Most players are too impatient to wait fo ...

That says more about the absurd amount of free time you have than skills. With shared exp you don't even need skills to level up, all you need is time. But most people would like to actually enjoy their grind rather than being cannon fodder until T5+.
And who says there is a problem with the Algorithm?! The problem is simply that BB6-7's are way too powerful compared to lower tiers. No "algorithm" is going to solve that. And no skills can compensate for having much less firepower, range and HP. Unless you have an insane crew and are some kind of super pro in a BB2-3 fighting a total noob with shotgun accuracy in a BB6-7 you're toast.
Waiting for the right moment is also not an option. Most of the time your or the enemy's team gets obliterated quite quickly. This means you will either be pushed and die or won't have time to land a shot because you played it too safe. (Is it me or do GB's last longer when it's newbie time?)
Anyway, it seems like you're making excuses to keep the BB6-7 farming going on.

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