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Author: teamfm03

[Update] Patch on 2021-02-17

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dinomio replied at 2021-2-17 09:04
Harbor Assault room maximum player numbers change from 70 to 30 (each side 15)
Ships restriction of ...

it seems like this new setup is design to help smaller or new fleets be more active in HA/D. This severely handicaps them, because it becomes more of a question of quality.

If i may offer some suggestions, id like to point out i sent you a ticket back in 2010 about the 30%exp badge idea.

Why not make the HT a ghost for attacking fleet until the PreHT is reached ( if you attack B2 and win, you get to see if HT is in ABC, you can only see one tile away on all directions, and it changes every week).
Also if you're going to make every room 15 players then make the HT 35 or 40.

There is plenty of options to make the game a better experience for all type of fleets, but simply taking away or limiting features and players per room is not a good one

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