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[Tutorial] lilbs tips and tactics for new CV players.

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I'd like to write up a quick tutorial on how I CV, and what I look for when I play it.I have gotten numerous thumbs up, so I thought I'd share my thought process and set ups for new and moderate players.First off, I'd like to point out this is all personal experience and can be corrected on some aspects. But it really all comes down to how you want to play the game.First off we need to think about how you want to set up your CV (Carrier).Do you like fighters? Do you like bombers? What kind of bombers do you feel better using?Are you an aggressive CV player, or are you trying to aim for support? There are many things that come down playing CV, like wise with any other ship you play.First things first, you need pilots. Are you going to roll pilots or are you going to purchase some elites/ super elites? If you have the cash, I would suggest the elites/super elites because when you get into higher level CV battles, your pilots and their states mean a lot.  If youre going to roll pilots you want to aim for +12 aircraft and +12 fighter stats. But that would be in a perfect world and you may be spending a lot of time and points trying to get these. This is another benefit to purchasing Elites or Super elites from the NF store. Ultimately you do not want to aim for a combination below 11/11 (my preference). Again this really matters in the fighter power your planes will provide.  You also want to keep in mind that you will need enough pilots to keep sending planes up because your planes do have a fuel comsumption consideration, and will fall from the sky if the planes do not make it back to the CV in time, or as they get shot down from the sky from enemy/ Friendly AA, and enemy planes. Don't get upset as you lose planes, because that is the side effect of playing CV. Just like BB's lose the ammount of Shells they shoot each time.  You will want to consider 6 fighter pilots at least (my pereference). This way it gives you the basics of what you need and still room for if you want to run some bombers. The stats of the bombers run the same way as fighter pilots. You want to aim for a min of 11 aircraft and 11 bombing. Anything less you will have some issues down the road. again 12/12 is ideal but you wont always get that, but you can always keep rolling. This is where you can consider buying elites/ super elites as they come from the store ready with good stats. I would also suggest buying some prem sailors as that also helps with pilot abilities as well as many other crew members. so now we have the idea of at least 6 fps. Now remember when i mentioned its all about how you want to play. You can run all bombers or fighters or a mixture of both. Bombers offer no air protection but will grant you attack abilities, and fighters offer air protection to your bombers, your team CV bombers, and enemy planes. Fighters are also expectional scouts for when your team needs assistance in scouting the enemy team from the blindness that cripples your BB's. I highly suggest fighters as my personal opinion because a good scouting/ protector CV is a key element to the success of the team. Now you can run all bombers or all fighters or a mixture of both as mentioned before. But you will want 6-8 'Pilots'.  The amount of pilots and the ship you run is also brought into consideration. The lower the level of CV will determine the amount of planes your ship can carry, the amount of planes your ship can release at once, and with more pilots you can divide the plane preperation to all of your pilots for faster results. Example: If you have 6 pilots, and your ship can prep and send 6 planes at once.. it would be faster to have all 6 pilots load 1 plane rather then having 1 pilots load 6 planes. We will get more into this in a after a little more explaination.  Now, Pilots have 3 key elements to their abilites, minus being Elite/Super elite or a Prem Sailor addition. You have Rookies, Experts, and Vets. Obviously the more rookies you have the less ability your pilot will have. You want to aim to keep your rookies down. Your best bet once you start getting into higher levels is to put as many vets onto your pilot as you can and keep the rest as experts. This will provide the best results. These different class players are also shown as different colors on the information of the sailor. RED= Rookies, WHITE= Experts, and GREEN= Vets. As you become more experienced, you will understand the need for VETS and EXPERTS. "How do I get vets and experts?" you ask? Well this is a simple task, but can take time. Rookies are always available, but experts can take time. You can go to the store and buy expert packs or you can get yourself an AA ship and put your pilots on there. The reason for this, as you shoot down planes you have a chance of taking 'Skilled Sailors' from the enemy planes pilots. These will slowly grow over time but will save you money. But if you have the money, I reccemend you save some time and purchse some packs. 'How do I get vets' you ask? Well that is as simple as going into your sailor information and rolling over your experts. Now this is a risky task because it is NOT a guarentee convertion. My suggestion is to wait for an event where NF will provide better conversion rates, or again, you can purchase these as well from the store. Remember, for every 10 vets you will require 100 experts. and the more vets you have.. the better the sailor will perform. REMEMBER; just like you can take other peoples sailors from their pilots.. other can take yours just as easy. You can either bite the bullet and lose the sailors, or you can also level up a MEDIC class sailor. This does NOT totally stop the loss of sailors but its there to minimize the loss to the best of that medics abilities. I keep one one me at all times just because of this. A medic is a support class sailor, and again, will aid in keeping the loss of sailors to a minimum. You can also level a support sailor called a SEAMEN. This will help boost the performance of your pilots. especially if your low on VETS. At higher levels both of these sailors help with your pilot upkeep. I usually run 2 seamen, 1 medic. but that is my pereference.  So now you have your idea on how you want to play your ship, now you have an idea on how many pilots you may need, and you have an idea on how YOU want to play your CV. You have an understanding of the importance of stats and what you need on your pilots to perform the best. Again, this is just a beginners guide, and certain things can be described in greater detail.. This is just to get you started. As for controls, this is also pereference but this is what I've come to figure out what works best for me. At the beginning of the round I will not send all my planes at once. At this point BB's and ships below will start sending scout planes to get an idea of what ships are going where on the map. I will send about half my planes for faster plane loading. I have 6 fighters on my CV. and my current CV can send 12 planes. I will usually use 3 pilots and send about 2 planes each. For this purpose is scout clean up. I will try and find what scouts are floating over my BB's and take them down, and once that is done i will send my planes to scout. In the mean time, I am loading my other 3 fighter pilots with a combination of 4/4/4 which equals a the 12 that I can send out at once. This way I have planes in the air, while waiting for more to load. And once my planes return/get shot down, I can send more and keep the cycle going. To be an efficent CV player, you can practice this.your pilots are assignted to your 1/2/3/4/5/6 buttons.   Example: I have 6 pilots, so 1 through 6 are my pilots. You can load planes by pressing this number and simply scrolling up or down to assign the number of planes that pilot will be responsible for commanding. On the left side of your number 1 button you will see the Tildy button. this has the ' ~ ' and the ' ` ' symbols. This will tell your pilots you've selected the number of planes you want them to pilot and they will begind loading. Once all your planes are ready they will respond ' Stand by ' and the pilots icon will show a green symbol. You press the Tildy button again to launch the planes. My pereference is to send them backwards. Example: I have 3 pilots loaded with planes, I will send number 3 then 2 then 1. I have found that the grouping and response of the planes to be more efficient.  Now once your planes are in the air, you can simply use your left mouse button and click drag on the screen to select your pilots. This will create a green box area and as long as your pilot commander is within that box, you can command them all. The commander will have the respective number above him. So if you launch pilots 3-2-1 you will see 3 planes with numbers over them. Those are the commanders. or Flight leaders, or squad leaders. However you want to call them. To command those planes you need to make sure you select the pilot with the number. I personally like to keep my planes together. All for one, and one for all. The more planes you have in a group the more effective that group will be.  Now once you have your planes selected, you use the right mouse button to command them. You will know this is working as little green circles will show up on the water. you can tell them where to go and unless they come into contact with another plane, they will go there. Always monitor your planes. You can also keep your planes off of other planes simply by clicking a million time and pulling them away. This tactic also helps with winning the fight with other planes. If you control your planes better then the enemy CV player, you have the upper hand.  You can also adjust the height of your planes simply my pressing these buttons. L makes your planes go up, and , (comma) will make your planes go down. This is really helpful in avoiding enemy AA. As the enemy will have to adjust his AA guns to the level   of your planes to shoot them, and this usually takes   second depending on how experience that player is. Bombers you can simply right click on an enemy ship and you will see RED triangles circle that selected ship. This tells your bombers what ship to attack. And with bombers you drop your torps from Torp bombers, and Bombs from your dive bombers with the . button. Torp bombers will attack from an approach to drop torps, so make sure you come on an angle that the BB can not manuver to miss for best results. Dive bombers will attack from over head, so with that approach i like to come from the front or the back of the ship you're wanting to attack. So that way, if the BB tries to turn, you get the best results.  Now you have an idea of how you want to play your CV, You have an idea on the amount of pilots and a mix of what you want. You have an idea on how ability and sailors on your pilots work, and you get the idea of how to send, and control and support your team. Again this is just a beginning explaination to CV playing and certain things can be explained in better detail, but this is to help you understand certain aspects. Thank you for reading, and lets get out there and rule the skies! Practice makes perfect. A stupid question is the question you did not ask, I always say. Feel free post any questions or concerns, or I welcome other CV players to post additive information for the purpose of new players understanding.   Thank you, and see you on the battlefield sailor!

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lilbs tips and tactics for new CV players.

"If youre going to roll pilots you want to aim for +12 aircraft and +12 fighter stats. But that would be in a perfect world and you may be spending a lot of time and points trying to get these. This is another benefit to purchasing Elites or Super elites from the NF store. Ultimately you do not want to aim for a combination below 11/11 (my preference). Again this really matters in the fighter power your planes will provide."That's not necessary anymore. Since 2010, i think, only your FTR stat works on FTR Pilots and BMB on BMB pilots.

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