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[Tutorial] Torpedo Bombing guide

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Torpedo Bombers are aircrafts that are able to drop areal torpedoes. It is different from dive bombers where they dive to their target and drop bombs, torpedo bombers fly low and close in on a ship from a side to drop torpedoes. They can be hard to use, because ships have automatic anti aircraft, and they can destroy your torpedo bombers fairly quickly if you're not careful. There are 2 ways to use Torpedo Bombers...  1. Automatic DropsAutomatic Drops on torpedo bombers is when you right click on a ship. When you do, your planes will automatically follow the ship and will lower their altitude to 0. It is recommended to do this from the side of the ship, as it will make it much easier than if you do from the front or back. Be careful, because if your planes are too close to the ship, they can be shot down. Once they are close enough (but not too close), press the period button (.). This will drop the torpedoes, and once that happens, your planes will automatically fly up to default altitude and return to your carrier.Unlike automatic drops from dive bombers, smokes don't always prevent automatic torpedo bomber drops, so if you right clicked a ship and he pops in smoke, your planes will keep going towards the ship, so that is one advantage that the torpedo bombers have over the dive bombers.Advantages:- Flies at default altitude most of the time, so your planes are safe from the ship's automatic anti aircraft guns most of the time-   Easier to doDisadvantages:- Not always perfect, you can still miss with them- planes can mess up- Shows a red circle around the enemy ship, which can alert it and make the ship do evasive maneuvers.Manual DropsManual Drops on torpedo bombers is when you keep your torpedo bombers at low altitude, even from the start. You press comma (,) to lower your plane's altitude from the start, and then you fly towards your target. If you want to raise the altitude, you can press L, although doing so isn't always  necessary. your altitude should be at 0 to drop torpedoes.Unlike automatic drops where you right click on a ship, you right click on water to go towards that direction. This isn't as easy because you have to manually direct your planes towards the ship, and if you mess up, then you most likely wasted your torpedo bombers. You still go for the side of the ship, because your torpedoes are more likely to hit the side of the ship than from the front or back.In manual drops, automatic anti aircraft is even more dangerous, because you stay low most of the time, and any ship can get in your way and shoot down all your aircraft, so you have to make sure that no ship is blocking your path to your target.Because you are at low altitude most of the time, that also means that you can get your torpedo bombers towards an allied ship when enemy fighters are chasing your bombers. This however isn't always easy to do.When you are close enough to your target (and again, not too close) press the period button (.) to drop your torpedoes.Advantages:- Can be better than automatic drops if you master it- Because they are at low altitude, you can get your planes near allied ship with automatic anti aircraft to shoot down enemy fighters chasing your planes- Does not show a red circle around the enemy ship, so you can surprise the enemy shipDisadvantages:  - Much harder to do than automatic drops- Because they are at low altitude, automatic anti aircraft guns are more dangerous- You can mess up, and if you do, you will most likely lose your planesFew more things:Automatic anti aircraft is not an anti aircraft gun with auto FCS, it would be stupid to use auto FCS in anti aircraft role anyways. The game calls them "air gun".Fighters destroy bombers easily, you must avoid them!Manual anti aircraft (an anti aircraft gun or any gun capable of loading AA shells) can also destroy your planes, so try to avoid them aswell!If you drop your torpedoes too close, your torpedoes may hit the ship before they are armed, dealing almost no damage.Torpedo bombers can be used in anti submarine warfareYou should go for big ships like enemy battleships or aircraft carriersThanks for reading! Hope this guide helps!

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