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[Notice] 2021 Summer Fiesta - notes on receive previous prize

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To the player who forgot to receive the prize on previous weeks, please do the following:Below screenshot showed the account did not receive the pirze of perfect bingo on week 1

bingo_en.png perfect_en.png

1. Click on the Week1 on the yellow rectangle
2. Wait for the page to switch to the week 1 result
3. Click on the receive button to receive the week 1 perfect bingo prize
4. Click on the puzzle event, then click on bingo event again
5. After event page refreshed, the "receive" button of 2nd perfect bingo wil appear, please note that player should finished the week 2 perfect bingo
6. Click on week 2 to switch to week 2 result, then click on receive
7. Repeat the above process to get all the perfect bingo and weekly bingo prize, please note that it only receive the prize which player forgot to redeem, its cannot change the result of incomplete bingo on previous week

If player did not clikc on the corresponding week to receive the prize
(Below screnshots is clicking on the "receive" button of week 4 on week 5 page, then you cannot see the week 5 award on week 5 page)

Click on the week X which you did not click on the "receive" button of perfect bingo on the yellow rectangle, the screenshot show i swtich to week 4 which i did not click on perfect bingo
The receive button will appear, and you can click on the receive button to get the coupon.


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And what about the Puzzle Event? would you be so kind as to indulge us and inform us what the actual rewards would of been had anyone completed the whole thing by sinking their entire wallet into it and ending up in povetry due to their own stupidity?

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I missed to take the Week 3 perfect bingo reward, but took all of the single bingo rewards. on week 4
the prefect bingo reward of week 3 was available, but not the week 4 one.
now in week 5 perfect bingo i was able to collect the week 4 perfect bingo reward.


following your step by step guide i can not collect the week 5 perfect bingo reward.
perfect bingo is complete, i already collected the rewards from rows and collums, but no matter what i do,
the week 5 perfect bingo reward doesnt show up.
if you need proof, please reply where to send screenshots to.

best regards,


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I am having a similar issue to Alex1184. I completed all but two blocks for week "5" on 2 August. I come back to complete the last two blocks today, but week 5 will not even show up anymore and I cant see my progression to complete the event.

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HeadWind replied at 2021-8-5 03:45
I am having a similar issue to Alex1184. I completed all but two blocks for week "5" on 2 August. I  ...

Hi, was unable to collect my prize from Summer event too, the link page wouldn't gift me the bb, I have heard several people can't use the ticket system either, which when I was able to, have been told I can't have the final prize although I have 5 full perfect bingo cards. Please explain how after waiting patiently and ticketing (when it finally did work) I am unable to collect my prize? The page is now telling me the event has expired. Thoroughly dejected over here tbh. Mikawa 5.5 ty.

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Honestly its garbage events like this that turn off me to playing this outdated game. Its fun when things work well (rarely), but combine the lack of fixes with bugs, glitches, constant crashes and the overpriced items, it becomes real hard to imagine dropping $60 to $90 or more every month on this. Also it doesnt help that the current Chinese owners of the game continue to milk the community for money while the game seems to continue to fall apart and stagnate overtime. I will probably continue to play this maybe once a month, but I am done dumping my hard earned cash into a blackhole. This isn't the real Navyfield anymore, its Chinesefield...

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