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[Discuss] An imprecise question in the x-mas event

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The question in the x-mas event is imprecise, because the Soviet Navy to 06.22.1941 year was in allied with the Kriegsmarine during the Second World War.

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Уважаемый пан видимо поляк?  Пакт Молотова-Рибентроппа лишь разграничивал сферы влияния между Германией и СССР, но не делал их союзниками. Если следовать вашей логике, то после раздела Чехословакии между Германией и Польшей эти страны тоже стали союзниками.

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Same goes with the one about Heinz Guderian, he was the one who invented and popularized blitz strategy. Yet the answer seems going for an old ww1 general who's strategy became one of the aspect Guderian use for his blitz. Still, the answer for the one who invented Blitz should've been Guderian.

Scam event to make it impossible for us to get maximum medals.

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xiliki_a replied at 2022-1-5 21:05
Уважаемый пан видимо поляк?  Пакт Молотова-Рибентроппа ...

Under this pact, Hitler and Stalin in alliance started World War II invading Poland - Germany invaded on September 1 and Russia invaded on September 17, 1939. You can find the common parades of both armies on youtube.

And was the Winter War also a friendly trip of the Russian Red Army to Finland on November 30, 1939?

The case of the Czech Zaolzie:
After the end of the Munich conference on September 30, 1938 and the recognition by the Czechoslovak government of territorial cessions to Germany, guaranteed by France, Germany, Great Britain and Italy, Poland demanded on September 30, 1938 at 23:45 from the Czechoslovak government to correct the Polish-Czechoslovak border in Zaolzie on the basis of an ethnic demarcation. After the approval of the Czechoslovak government, Poland took over on October 2, 1938, occupied in 1919 and taken over without a plebiscite by Czechoslovakia (as a consequence of the conference in Spa and the decision of the Council of Ambassadors), the area organized by the Prague authorities in the Czech Cieszyn poviat (formerly Bezirk Teschen and parts of Bezirk Freistadt and Bezirk Friedek).

There was no pact between Poland and Germany and a common parade.

You recently liquidated independent the Memorial organization, because you are ashamed to bear the facts that testify to the multi-millionth genocide of nations committed by Russia.

And currently Russia is invading Ukraine, since 2014 when tooks Crimea breaking the signed pact in 1994 - The Budapest Memorandum on Security Assurances. Russia destroyes the peace.

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In light of the false claims about the seizure of allegedly Polish territories in 1939, it is useful to recall whose lands these were originally and how they ended up as part of Poland. It's silly to think that if you managed to take advantage of the temporary weakness of your neighbors to cut off part of the Lithuanian, Ukrainian, Belarusian and Czech lands, then it will always be so.  And for the joint aggressive actions with Germany, Poland received an apt nickname – "Hyena of Europe". And this word came from the mouth of Winston Churchill himself.

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xiliki_a replied at 2022-1-8 00:26
In light of the false claims about the seizure of allegedly Polish territories in 1939, it is useful ...

As for the Lithuanian, Belarusian and Ukrainian territories, these are the times of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth of 1569 - 1795 - United Poland and Lithuania, which in 1569 were peacefully established by the Union of Lublin in the territory of nations.

In 1792, Russia attacked Poland when the Polish Seym passed the first Constitution in Europe on May 3, 1791, and the war resulted in the partitions of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. It was only in 1918 that Poland regained its independence under the The Armistice in Compiègne.

In the years 1919–1920, when Russia unleashed the war again by attacking Poland, it was Czechoslovakia that took advantage of the difficult political situation in Poland by taking over the Zaolzie region, inhabited by the Polish majority, by force. In 1938, Poland took back Zaolzie in an agreement with Czechoslovakia on the correction of the border, and not with Germany, as Russia did on September 17, 1939.

And Winston Churchill, insulting Poland, interprets history in this way, because they largely contributed to this conflict at the Spa conference with their actions.

Read and learn real history, and you don't repeat KGB Putin's bullshit propaganda without knowing basic historical facts - that's why Putin's people manipulate your nation so easily, which is aggressive and lying.

The Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact was the fourth partition of Poland carried out by armed forces by Germany and Russia in 1939, unleashing the Second World War.
From April to May 1940 in Katyn (Katyn massacre), Russia murdered nearly 22,000 Polish officers and intelligentsia, lying that it was done by their allied Germans.


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When historians say that Winston Churchill, who coined the killer phrase "Poland is the hyena of Europe," simply did not like Poles and Poland, they are not telling the whole truth. Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill loved no one and nothing at all, except his country, his power and his duty. He just sincerely despised the Poles. This famous remark of the British Prime Minister has a real historical background. Poland, which easily forgot all its allied obligations to Britain and France, "sawed" Czechoslovakia together with Hitler with great pleasure. The Fuhrer of the German people, by the way, in general in those pre-war years was a real idol of almost the entire Polish elite. For example, a portrait of Adolf Hitler decorated the office of Polish Foreign Minister Jozef Beck even on the day of the German invasion of Poland - this is just a historical fact. And this minister is also known for being the creator of the 1934 treaty, similar to the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact and providing for the "integration" of Poland with Germany and a joint campaign to the east.
Only in March 1939, London and Paris demanded that Poland break off relations with Nazi Germany, which up to that point had been very friendly. The Poles hoped that during the future campaign of the Reich against the USSR they would also find something to profit from. Hitler can be blamed for many things, but certainly not for stupidity. He was not going to keep an "ally" capable of any betrayal at his side.

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marineq replied at 2022-1-8 20:14
As for the Lithuanian, Belarusian and Ukrainian territories, these are the times of the Polish-Lit ...

Funny pshek.))
I offer you a challenge: you come to Moscow, we will drink 2 liters of vodka with you (1 for each) and if after that you pull up on the horizontal bar more than me and push yourself off the floor, then I will return you both Ukraine and Crimea and the Sudetenland in Czechoslovakia.

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