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[Discuss] ARA using border parashutes?

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Edited by dinomio at 2021-1-17 11:55

Well, this has been a very timelong discution.

First it was ACH, IMPERUM, ZGL  and now ARA?

there is only 1 thing in common. a few players from ACH that currently are at imperum fleet but they support other fleets like this time ARA.
Zeta SQ lead by  Lindsay, det_kat and others.

This HD against ARA they used that bug,  we will upload the video  to give the evidence of that.

In my opinion,  this fleets doesn't care about the honor and the true meaning of playing this game and they are so focus on winning that they will use everything.
I'm not talking about all ARA Players, they have good and fair players. but letting this kind off bug abusers like ZETA sq they cause the enttire fleet to be missjudged.

Nothing else to write.

So disappointed.


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Post time 2021-1-17 21:04 | Show all posts
Hola querido dinomio, te informo primero yo no lideró nada ni detka, no se que afán tiene tu flota para perjudicarme,  yo entiendo que sientan envidia hacia mi o otro jugar... traten de jugar tranquilos con su flota sin querer perjudicar al resto... recuerda que a ustedes los ayuda bamf para hacer numero.... yo en lo personal estoy alejado del navy para evitar todos estos problemas... pero veo que nuevamente TU, me quieres perjudicar y no veo la razón... saludos...

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Post time 2021-1-17 21:16 | Show all posts
Fake news!

We had never attack your Fleet! So we had never borderhumping against your Fleet Isnt possible. Just a lie. You had only played a few defense against your fleet. Normaly the defender dont play APA.

Sorry, IMPERIUM will never use cheating. WE HATE IT! If a player inside fleet use cheating under my flag. He kik out by myself.

So please stop this and cancle our name in your thread. Isnt true.

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Post time 2021-1-17 21:22 | Show all posts
Hello Dinomio

I don't see any connection with our fleet Imperium

We as a fleet want to play fair port attacks, we don't use any bugs that exist in the game, as we also don't want another fleet to use these bugs against us.

I myself have played along with every port attack or port defense and no bugs were used from our side.

We as a fleet do not tolerate such gambling behavior either.

If we notice during the port that someone wants to use the bow, we prevent this, because that is not what we want as a fleet.

If someone repeatedly fails to comply, that player will be kicked out of the fleet.

We as the Fleet Imperium only attacked you once. Please submit a video here where we used Border Bug.

If you can't prove it, please leave these allegations.

Have a good time.

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Post time 2021-1-19 01:00 | Show all posts
We ask NF to get more involved and weekly review of port attacks / defenses.
This would be the way in which the use of bugs and cheats by some players and / or fleets would end.

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Post time 2021-1-21 05:27 | Show all posts
si no mas recuerdo un tiempo en la flota el querido y amado dinomio hacia lo mismo no entiendo cual es su queja que tiene????
no entiendo cual es rollo de apoyar otra flota por la sencilla razón que quieren, también te recuerdo en la antigua flota habían muchos
extranjeros y de igual manera pedías ayuda a los demás para RELLENO!!! Papi es un simple juego diossssssss

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Post time 2021-1-21 05:46 | Show all posts
Imperium has never attacked FCH.

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Post time 2021-1-21 05:55 | Show all posts
Buenas tardes,

Lamentablemente este es un bug con el que tendremos que convivir. Navyfield no dará ninguna solución...

Comentarles a todos que Dinomio acaba de expresar su opinión, la cual es valida y respecto mucho pero dejarles en claro que Flota Chile no busca ni tampoco le interesa perjudicar a nadie.

Saludos a todos


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